In this article, we explore the world of hyper-realistic watercolor portraits generated using Stable Diffusion. The parameters used for this image include an 8k resolution with the best quality settings and ultra-high resolution, resulting in a stunning masterpiece with a score of 1.2. The image features a beautiful woman with long hair ribbons, captured in a full body portrait by the renowned artist Agnes Cecile.

The extremely luminous bright design of the image, combined with pastel colors, creates a mesmerizing effect, drawing the viewer’s attention to the intricate and elegant details of the portrait. The image is set against a forest background in the modelshoot style, adding a sense of depth and realism to the portrait.

Stable Diffusion’s advanced algorithm allows for hyper-realism in the image, with details so intricate and realistic that they almost appear cinematic. The use of HDR further enhances the image’s vibrancy and color, creating an image with hyperdetailed quality score of 1.2.

Overall, the image showcases the power of Stable Diffusion in creating hyper-realistic watercolor portraits that blur the lines between traditional and digital art. With its stunning details, intricate design, and elegant realism, this image is a true masterpiece.

Prompt: ( 8k, best quality, masterpiece:1.2),( best quality:1.0),( ultra highres:1.0), watercolor, a beautiful woman, shoulder, hair ribbons, by agnes cecile, full body portrait, extremely luminous bright design,( pastel colors), forest background, modelshoot style, very long hair, intricate, elegant, realism,( hyperrealism),( cinematic),( hyperdetailed:1.2), hdr
Negative prompt: canvas frame, cartoon, 3d,(( disfigured)),(( bad art)),(( deformed)),(( extra limbs)),(( close up)),(( b&w)), wierd colors, blurry,((( duplicate))),(( morbid)),(( mutilated)),[ out of frame], extra fingers, mutated hands,(( poorly drawn hands)),(( poorly drawn face)),((( mutation))),(()),(( ugly)),(( bad anatomy)),((( bad proportions))),(), cloned face,(()), gross proportions,( malformed limbs),(( missing arms)),(( missing legs)),((( extra arms))),((( extra legs))),( fused fingers),( too many fingers),((( long neck))), photoshop, video game, tiling, poorly drawn feet, mutated,(),(), cross-eye, body out of frame, render,( worst quality:2),( low quality:2),( normal quality:2), strange eyes
Steps: 60, Sampler: Euler a, CFG scale: 7.5, Seed: 1394061578, Size: 1024x768, Model hash: 9aba26abdf, Model: deliberate.nKQs, Clip skip: 2, ENSD: 31337

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